Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Old Shots from Paris

Although I already have more than 2 blogs on internet and one of them I even have had for many years, however now I wanna start a space to share more about fashion, travel, and my daily style.
I am addicted to fashion and these years I realized that it is the easiest way to make myself happy. Shopping, fashion blogging, reading fashion magazines and blogs, doing mix & match or taking good photos of my own styles in daily life or during travel. All these small things make me very satified and pleasant.
Now I am gonna record all my happiness about it on this space.
This is the first post and I want to post some old pictures of my trip to Paris with my boyfriend Olivier for my birthday in 2009. Enjoy! :)

We were having fun at Chanel

Marc by Marc Jacobs tee
see by black fur vest
denim leggings
Isbit snow boots
Chanel tote bag
Chanel vintage bag

@Arc de triomphe de l'√Čtoile
faux fur jacket
H&M denim shorts
Isbit snow boots
Chanel vintage bag

casselini fur hat
osmosis leather jacket
H&M denim shorts
b&w tights
H&M scarf
Isbit snow boots
see by chloe handbag

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