Thursday, December 23, 2010

Outfits in Thailand

Can you imagine how bored I am in Montreal now and i just decided to work hard on posting more outfits and styles during my last trip to Koh Samui and Bangkok. And more to share about the Hermes cafe in Seoul in the next post, just give me a few minutes!!


outfit#1 H&M leopard overall, H&M vest, MBT sandals
outfit#2 H&M one piece, Tatababy bag, overknee socks from Seoul
outfit#3 overall bought in Singapore, H&M necklace
outfit#4 H&M belt, one piece from my store

@Koh Samui:
outfit#1 it is not my t-shirt
outfit#2 H&M leopard overall, H&M hat, Tatababy bag
outfit#3 Forever 21 jumpsuit
outfit#4 Forever 21 tube dress, hair piece from H&M
outfit#5 cheap monday one piece

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