Tuesday, March 8, 2011

start from orange

You might have noticed that colorful items take a very important position in the fashion trend 11SS by reading/seeing magazines/window display/fashion websites...etc.

I love colors. Soft or sharp. Electronic blue, shoking pink, turquoise, pale yellow, powder blue, coral, purple, lavender.....seems there is one missing - ORANGE.

I decide to get some more orange for my closet and I just started with this pouch, which is a free gift I got from a fashion magazine. :D Seems like a Celine inspired bag but it is always good to own something without paying. ;P

First chance i got to know about the color trend was from Prada, look at the platform oxford shoes!!
 Even shocking pink is always eyes catching, this time i choose orange. Especially seeing Winifred wearing them! haha

(the 3rd picture source: winifredlai's sina)

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