Friday, June 17, 2011

get away...

H&M top/scarf/necklace, Forever 21 skirt

Regularly I have the feeling of running away from the city I live, usually it happens every 2-3 months or even every month. But I couldn't afford the time to go far until summer holiday (I really want to go to LA!!!) so I had to choose places closer.

 Tokyo, Bangkok and Taipei are the top three cities on my runaway list, I can go alone anytime and my family won't be worried. And lately Bangkok just always comes to my mind.

It turned out that it was not a trip by myself. The official photographer of fashionsweet was also on the trip (my mom!!) Maybe we both needed a break from our city. haha.

 very early breakfast at the airport

I really enjoy travelling alone, but sometimes it is just easier to bring someone than a tripod on your trip!!

thai cream iced tea - which I miss the most now!

 Do you have a list of places where you can runaway anytime when you feel sad, depressed or when you just want to be alone?


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  1. The food looks way too delicious! Especially as I love Asian food, yumm. I'm so hungry now, I'm going to have lunch :P .


  2. Great blog, nice pics and fashion style, happy to follow here !

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  4. Thank you Sara,i am going to take some time to post about it!! Thank you so much! And i hope you enjoyed your lunch! :)

    Tanya, thanks for following!!