Monday, September 19, 2011

It's a rainy Sunday

h&m blouse/cuff, westwood outfitters jegging from jc, zara bag, forever 21 wedges 

I like rainy days! it made the temperature cool down a bit but i still felt quite hot. i am having allergic problem on my face recently and it really annoys me a lot!!! :( I rarely wear make up and even now am afraid to put on BB cream. 
Back to outfit. I had no reason to put on my new shoes on a rainy day, especially they are wedges and really high!! But who cares, i just do what i love and don't care if it is stupid sometimes.

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  1. you look gorgeous! and the shoes are fab!
    it's raining here too:(

  2. I like rainy day too!
    the floral wedge and the zara bag are a must have!

  3. 好喜歡zara這包呀!

  4. I love your blouse, and that colour suits you best. And the umbrella is so cute!^.^

    ur best fd