Friday, December 9, 2011

windy day

zara gilet, h&m riding pants, uniqlo sweater, h&m hat, zara bag, aldo boots

This was the day that we officially felt winter.  It was still quite warm in the afternoon but then later it became so windy and cold!  Tomorrow am heading to shanghai and i looked that it will be even colder there!! I am a bit worried about the outfits i prepared are not warm enough.  It is annoying to pack winter clothes!! I just wish i could bring an empty suitcase to travel and do shopping wherever i go haha.
Thank you gloria for the photos, you did a good job =)
Pictures by gloria except the last one by me.


  1. Your are welcome!!!

  2. Great look, love the colors!!

  3. 好精緻的穿搭!身上所有的單品我都好喜歡~讓人一看再看!

  4. love your coat!

  5. I like the coat, almost buy the same one:D