Thursday, January 5, 2012

the shirt story

There is a funny story about this shirt.  I wanted it two months ago but i thought i needed a second thought since it was a bit expensive.  Now the shop is on sale, so i was trying to look for it to see if i had any luck.  Unfortunatly i couldnt find it after a couple times walking around the shop but then when i was gonna go pay, a woman was holding it on the line.  So i went to look around the shop again, still didnt find it.  When i went back to the line i saw the lady was having some problem with her credit card and she didnt have enough cash so she just gave up the shirt.  I was so excited and praying there was no one on the line wanted this shirt like me.  And now you all know the result, it is in my closet!!

Zara shirt


  1. 妳太幸運了!這漂亮的襯衫注定是妳的!

  2. Wild print! I hope you'll wear it in an outfit post for the blog (:

  3. Beautiful, the print makes it so versatile.
    It was meant to be yours :) Love it when things come like that.

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