Friday, January 13, 2012

looking back to those 2011

meeting "Mr. President" in NY!!

freezing cold in Harbin, China at the ice festival

holiday in KL, one of my favorite city

At first i didnt plan to do this as 2011 was not memorable for me.  Some change happened in my life and i had a really hard time last year.  But at the same time it was quite special, because i restarted doing this blog which is my main interest for now.  
No matter 2012 is gonna be the end, i just wanna spend my every day with joy and happiness with the person i love. 


  1. very nice post! I love all your photos/outfits :D

    1. thank you so much tiffany!!! love you my dear <3

  2. 百變女郎!愛妳所有的穿搭,♥