Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new year shoes

faux fur from jc / H&M denim shirt / zara leather necklace / monki leather shorts / Forever 21 clutch / Vivienne Westwood tights / Jeffrey Campbell night walk 

Do you know about a tradition in China that people like to wear new shoes on new year days?  it is not yet the chinese new year day but i already couldnt wait to shoot some photos with this new pair of night walk.  After a few days it will be the new year day according to the chinese calendar, can't wait for the holidays and wearing them for real!!

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  1. 是啊,離過年快沒幾天了!家裡頭的漂亮衣物,我也和妳一樣忍不住要穿搭出來了呢!

    照片中妳腿兒好美好細好修長,就像是名模的雙腿呢 :D