Sunday, February 19, 2012

cream with mint

H&M sweater/gilet/pants/cuffs/chocker, bag from Qingdao, Aldo boots, MAC lipstick satin

even the weather forecast said it would be very cold this weekend, luckily it wasnt and it was even sunny!! so this is how my outfit was created. 
i got some neon/floral/pastel for the coming spring. what am missing is a bag in neon yellow. missed the chance to get one on asos two months ago and now am still searching. any suggestion??
tomorrow am heading to hokkaido!! although right now i really want to go somewhere warm, but i think it is still good to finally get to see snow in this winter. feel the way that winter is not completed without feeling any snow.

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  1. Lovely colors! I adore the jumper and the fur vest ;)

  2. 漂亮的毛衣,顏色很美呢!


  3. very nice the jumper,the bag and your sunglasses..xx

    check out my 2 new posts...:-)