Friday, February 10, 2012

french cuisine in the sky

Cheap Monday pullover / Zara shirt (which was worn here and here) / H&M skirt / JC lita / Zara bag/ Pull & Bear hat

This Sunday we had a very nice brunch at a three michelin starred french restaurant in town, Robuchon au Dome.  After brunch i went to take some outfit pictures and realized my ring was forgotten on the table at the restaurant.  It is a "twin ring" that you put two fingers at the same time and not too comfy to wear while enjoying an expensive meal so i took it off.  When i went back and asked the staffs said they didnt find it :( 

We chose a three course lunch set, this is the free starter given by the restaurant.

 My choice of starter is my favorite: foie gras 

 My mom's choice of main course: some kind of fish :P

 There are two choices of butter, one salted and one not salted.  I had salted but then i found the other one tasted better.

You can choose three types of dessert from the dessert cart, this napoleon is one of my choices. 

 Some candies after the meal.

 Can you see me on the teapot?? :)

 This is the dessert cart!!

the restaurant just moved to a new floor inside the hotel and it is located at 43rd. as a luxury french cuisine, its restrooms take one floor on the 42nd. wow was my first reaction.

Then the next next day after i lost my ring i went to Monki in hk to buy another one.  Good thing it is not expensive and they still have stock.  And i also buy something for you my dear readers as i know the places some of you are living dont have monki.  Giveaway will be coming up on the next post!!

Thank you Regin for the outfit photos.

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  1. Great look, love the flower blouse underneath the sweater!

  2. Hello :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    I love your skirt is so feminine :)


  3. 這樣把頭髮紮起來,前面看上去像清純的學生妹呢!很特別喔,喜歡~

    我今天晚上也去了台北101 ZARA逛,上回去忠孝館的ZARA逛,但就是沒有這件襯衫,可惜呢!不然我也會買下,它上頭的花卉太漂亮了!

    1. 哈哈...一把年紀還像徐生妹真開心呢~~~
      對呀, 想起來我買到這件襯衫的經過也太搞笑了!! 真的很高興買得到還有打折呢~~那花卉真的很棒!!太愛它了^^

    2. 住在桃園。去一趟台北大約40分鐘~1小時!其實不算遠啦!只是在台北逛街逛的累人而已,哈哈~


  4. Hi Jess! I just read your interview and loved it! Congrats on the feature.
    Great outfit as always! love the shirt especially.
    And great photos! I didn't know your camera is same as mine. Mine is E-pl1s, I bought it just because it looked cute and cheapest. :D I want to take photos like you.
    I have been to Hokkaido, Furano and Biei. Particularly I really recommend Biei. It's amazingly beautiful. Take a lot of photos in Hokkaido :)xx