Thursday, March 1, 2012

food in hokkaido and giveaway winner!

ramen was my favorite japanese food before, but since i had the best one in tokyo now i dont enjoy it so much from other ramen shops.  hokkaido is famous for ramen, so i was still looking forward to trying some.

as ramen is very good in hokkaido, i heard about the best is in asahikawa.  the one i ordered was very special, there was green onion covering the whole bowl of noodles and you couldnt see what was under.  it was very delicious, and special!!

the other one i had in sapporo is also quite good and they put the shop's name on their egg! but a bit too heavy to finish a whole bowl by myself.

cheese mont blanc as dessert of the night in the hotel room.

took a break from the snow and hid inside this little lovely vintage look cafe at the romance house in otaru.  by the way their milk tea was sooooo good!!!


found this cooking studio, a mix of restaurant and class where you prepared your own meal by yourself.  

and the seafood there is so fresh and delicious! 

i hope you enjoyed the photos and i will share more with you later.  
anyway the winner of my giveaway is #10 Elke (numbers arranged by time from the earliest and picked by you will receive my email very soon. 


  1. Cambridge bag giveway on

  2. Great photos, sweetie :) Love the hat and the leopard print blouse!

  3. Lovely photos♥ And thank you so much! :)

  4. oh lovely photos!!! I'm glad you enjoyed in Hokkaido. Is the parfait at "nana's green tea"? It's one of my favorite cafes and it's in my city too. :)

    1. wow~~really?? yes it is nana's green tea, i like so much too!!! it is really nice. hope to visit you in your city and then we go there together :)