Friday, March 9, 2012

Veira wishlist

i just discovered a bag label, Veira, on that i wanna share with you guys.  i like its vintage inspired design, they look fashionable, playful yet classic, but also with functionality.  here are the top three on my wishlist:

this one is my most wanted!!! love the color and the stigma design made with real leather with the embossed logo. the two straps can be removed so it can be used in three ways.

 another envelope design, this one can fit my ipad. 

just simple and classic.

i think they produce really nice bags with reasonable price.  there are still some other choices with lovely design: 

i think am gonna sleep on it and dream about the ruby envelope clutch...wish to see it when i open my eyes tomorrow!! haha

you can visit UNESTABLISH for more.  they recently released some new brands on the site.  have a good buy!!

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