Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Usually on sundays i have brunch out with my mom.  this time we went to a very nice cafe which was moved to the tower a few years ago and i havent been to there since it moved.  it was nice to sit next to the sea and feel the sunshine, and tasted a very delicious pizza.
the bag i was using i ordered it on asos and when i received it i was a bit sad that it seems over too big for me.  i was thinking to resell it but after i tried to use it all the friends i met told me it suits me a lot!  so i think i will keep it.  and i like its vintage style.  
last but not least, i love my cardigan from AA, which is my favorite piece for now and i hope it doesnt turn too hot too soon!  shorts also from American Apparel, H&M hat, zara shirt, river island bag and JC lita.


  1. Great look! I wish I could start wearing shorts again, but sadly it started to snow again last weekend :D Well, I know spring will arrive here soon too!
    I absolutely love your knit and bag, super adorable look alltogether from head (hat) to toe (those heels♥). ^^

    Have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

  2. 在這麼美的地方用餐,真是一大享受啊!

  3. love the sweater!
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