Saturday, June 23, 2012

last day in north korea and the giveaway winner

Zara shirt / HM jeans / asos boots, belt and watch / Alexander Wang bag 

with my Korean tour guides

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I finally sort out some photos from my trip to North Korea, so get ready for tons of photos coming in the few following days!!  For now, this is the outfit photos i shot in the main square at Pyongyang on my last day of the trip.  Hope you like them :)

The winner of the collar giveaway is Kelly Larsson!! Thank you so much for participating!!  


  1. is that me who won the collar giveaway ????? really ???? exciting !!!!hahaha!!!!
    thanks so much !!!!!
    xoxo kelly

    1. yes it is you!!! congratulations!!! i will email you now!!
      Thank you so much for your support :)

    2. hi jess !!! thanks for your sweet comment !!!!!!! and i agree with u that my son is so cute...hihi !!!!! all mothers will think their son is the cutest
      So far as i know !!!! midsummer will only for one day !!!!that is the special day !!!!!! We will eat special food such as new potato and sill. and we have bonefire....we will sing and dance kind of big festival in sweden !!!!! but too bad this year is raining a lots and we cant dance and celebrate outside!!!!!
      i would like you to visit in sweden !!!!! sweden is such a beautiful country!!!!! i think u will like it !!!!!!!
      xoxo kelly

  2. That outfit is really cute :)

  3. such a lovely shirt :)

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