Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pyongyang Diary part one

Before going to North Korea I was a bit worried about the tension between the south and the north, but at the same time I was attracted by how mystery it is.  We could not bring our mobile phones, ipads or laptops to enter North Korea; no photos in certain areas, on certain people;  some things we were asked to do (like bowing to a wax statue), and I didn't know what would happen if we didn't follow.  All these experience made this trip more special and memorable.  I have so much to share, good thing I could still bring my camera and recorded these special moments!! 

we took the train from Dandong,China to enter North Korea, this part of train came all the way from Beijing 

spent so much time waiting before getting on the train, we guessed they needed time to do background check on our facebook :P 

 This bridge connected China and North Korea was destroyed during the Korean war

Pyongyang at night 

 in the hazy morning

this camera man from the agency took video of us to make a DVD of the trip


monki denim jacket / h&m dress / aldo bag / asos boots 


  1. My friend been there and told me the phone ....etc!!!! such a nice trip !!!! and is that the boyfriend u mentioned ? :D
    SWEET !!!!!!!!!!

  2. 挺神秘的國家!不過越是神祕,越吸引人...
    你們倆是女的美、男的帥呢 ^^

    1. 對呀...就是那份神秘才讓我想去呢!!
      遵謝你的稱讚啦親愛的, 我會告訴她有台灣的美女說他帥喲!! 哈哈

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I am sorry, I don't use GFC, but I just followed your lovely blog and liked this post on Bloglovin. Stay in touch ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. great photos! Thanks for sharing. I love your all outfits :D<3