Tuesday, July 31, 2012

happiness is a choice

I always have problem when it comes to picking photos from my trip.  Today i just realized that i haven't shared those i took on the trip to Bangkok two weeks ago with my mom.  We love to spend a few days in Bangkok once a while just for relaxation, shopping, massage and the food!!! Talking about this makes me hungry now and can't wait for the next trip to the country of happiness =)  

this is my favorite drink in Thailand, you can find it anywhere in the world but for the best you must go to Thailand.

one of my favorite restaurant in bkk, go to try when you are in town!! 
another hound @siam paragon

the new shopping mall - terminal 21, they made it like an airport terminal and every floor is a different destination.

Coffee Beans by Dao - a place with the name that makes you feel they serve good coffee instead of  delicious thai cuisine.

 iced tea with the ice made of tea =)

the best papaya salad in town!! every time we just cannot resist going there.


  1. These are amazing photos <3 What camera do you use? :)


    1. I'm using olympus EPL2 :)
      Thank you for your comment Gillian!!

  2. love the shorts!