Wednesday, December 5, 2012

santa, please put these shoes in my christmas sock

dear santa, these shoes are gorgeous aren't they? they have been on my birthday wish list in november already and now i can only change it to the christmas one??

haha enough grumbling!!  and here i wanna share some of my recent purchase with you, hopefully they will arrive before the festival!! 

rib top and tie dye sweater - i've been searching for a wine color tie dye sweater but grey is fine too. plus there is pirate details on the shoulder.  and this rib top..i just really have a thing when it comes to lace..and ribs!!! 

and i finally ordered another lita after owning my first pair for two or three years.  they are just so perfect and now i got another color in suede.  can't wait for them to arrive!! 

they were out of my size in this summer, i think it is not too late yet to have them to pair with my tights for the winter.

and these babies i found on MotelRocks.... the followings are just part of them.  now am really worried about my wallet ><

happy shopping!

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