Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kimono and sakura

I've been to Japan so many times (Kyoto forth time) but its only my first time to wear a kimono and see the sakuras. Nowadays people usually wear this traditional costume on some special days or festivals.  In Kyoto, a city where you can find many old traditional buildings and temples, its also kinda a trend for tourists or even local people (its quite expensive to buy your own ones) to rent kimono for a day, wander around this old city and take some nice photo shoot.

It was a cold day so I wore a haori (the cardigan I wore on top) as well.  It was a bonus to me as I got a chance to choose a different style and pattern garment for styling.  It was a very special experience and I really enjoyed it.  I think even on my fifth trip to Kyoto I still wanna do this again :D

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