Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chanel Vintage Bag

I love Chanel, and I love everything vintage. So how can I resist buying Chanel vintage bag. I am trying to make a collection in different colors. So far I got black, white, and GREEN.

H&M one piece
Chanel necklace
Chanel vintage bag
mercibeaucoup* ring


  1. oh wow! I really love this bag! Really amazing! And what colour!
    I love your outfit and your fabulous necklace too. You have got a really nice blog! Now I'm your follower, i hope u'll follow me too on: www.daddysneatness.blogspot.com . See u soon! Xoxo

  2. Hi Coco!! Very nice to meet you. Thank you so much and yes of course I will also follow you. cheers!


  3. gorgeous chanel bag!!!! that must have cost u a heck loads of money esp that its vintage!
    nice blog and again gotta love that chanel bag.

    xoxo jenna