Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can You Feel the Spring?

I love those roses!! These 3 pieces are the top 3 of my wish list (for this collection only ;-P) especially the rose jacket is so chic and elegant! The two dresses are so lovely I want to own both colors. But they are out of stock in Hong Kong already. :(

My mom got this blouse but she thinks it is too big for her so I just take it from her. (OK, I need to pay $$) And the following three are those I purchased.This is the only outfit with roses I could find in the shop. And my size XS. The other two I am gonna to refund them cause they are a little too big for me...size S.

I also love this vest but NO MORE my size.
H&M Hong Kong is a bit different with those I went in London and France. The main point is, HK people are CRAZY about any limited edition things. :D

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