Friday, April 9, 2010

It Is Healing

It has been more than a month since last time I went to work in Hong Kong. My foot is recovering, and I am able to walk and begin my social life. I don't need to see the doctor everyday and I feel a lot more comfortable without the bandage.
However, I still walk very slow and cannot walk much. So my mom went to HK with me and she helped me a lot on carrying the heavy stuffs. Thank her so much.
For dinner, I brought her to a Japanese restaurant where I had never been before and I saw it on my facebook pal Pazu's photos. The food looked so good in the pictures made me want to try their cusine. It was so delicious I especially love the salad with hot spring egg. Yummmmy :P
I am an EGG lover.

Zara kids studded jacket
H&M scarf
TOPSHOP one piece
TOPSHOP tights
TOPSHOP Oxford shoes
Chanel necklace
Chanel tote bag

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