Sunday, April 4, 2010

Red Hot on Nails

I don't like make up and I don't know how to do make up but I like make up for my nails. And once a while I go to salon with my mom to get my nails done and remove all the dead skin. The nail polish brand I like the most is O.P.I. just love its colors so amazing and beautiful! The one I picked today is also from O.P.I. and it is RED because I wanted to match with my leopard coat.
After that Gloria came to join us for lunch and we were having fun taking photos in Lo Lim Yuk Garden while waiting for Gloria.

Leopard fake fur coat (no brand)
H&M grey tee & jeans
topshop oxford shoes
miu miu coffeer bag
Vivienne Westwood pearl orb necklace

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  1. I just LOVE your jacket *-* you are too cute honey =) Thanks for give me comments and views =) I'll follow you too @
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