Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snow White?? Rainy White!!

It was raining cats and dogs on the day I took these pictures. I felt like wearing in white tone to match my new baby pink bag. It was so damn cold when I was walking on the street.
The weather becomes so weird and unpredictable these months. Here it is extremely humid, foggy and warm for a while and then turns very cold for a few days. And it just circulates every couple days. I hate foggy and too humid weather but at the same time it is strange to feel like Winter during the Spring time. We all know our earth is sick already. And do you believe that it is going to end the whole world in a not distanced future?

face too jacket
culture medium tee
White rain boots
(all from my store)
Vivienne Westwood belt
beams black heart ring
Tata Baby canvas birkin bag


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  2. thanks so much!! I would love to visit your blog~~!!cheers


  3. I love your handbag and your rings.
    I followed your blog.
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  4. Nice fur jacket!

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