Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Home

Because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, more than half airports in Europe were closed and Olivier came close to get stuck in Milan last Saturday. After he got home we saw on TV news that the flights from Milan to Hong Kong were just cancelled!! Good luck that he came back just on the right time and from the right airport!! XD

I know he was very busy working during his trip but I still asked for a little gift from Milan - the H&M nailpolish which I saw on Laura's facebook picture. What a rare Tiffany color and I really want to own it!! Too bad that he didn't see any H&M during his days in Milan and the shops in Hong Kong don't sell nailpolish!! :( He gave me this gift from Spain which made me smile :)

Chips are my favourite snack for sure!!

And this is m&m's in Doha version XD

This day I first wore this lace skirt from Forever 21 which I bought in Tokyo last summer. I was very happy when I saw it in the store. It is very feminine and elegant but I wanted to wear it in another style, a more "me" style. :)

Forever 21 lace skirt
H&M shoulder pad jacket (worn underneath)
osmosis leather jacket
Tata Baby canvas birkin bag
H&M tights
Converse All Star

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  1. Hey dear thanks so much for your lovely comment *-* means sooo much to me in these days =) That is my nail polish =D Is very great yeah . I love your dress sweetie , You look pretty cute =)Keep visiting me darling :D
    Much Love MaryWhitney