Friday, April 23, 2010

Marc Jacobs Gold Mirror Bag

This is my first time to receive something that I purchased on internet. I always love shopping but however e-shopping takes more than a week while waiting for the delivery so I never thought about it. Last month I could not go out because of my injured foot, so it gave me an opportunity to try e-shopping.

I saw this MJ bag on another blogger's space but I couldn't find it in Hong Kong or Macau. Then I saw it by chance on a website so I ordered it from Japan. It is a little bigger than I expected, but it is super cool and sharp to carry on the street. What do you think? :)

H&M shoulder padded jacket
H&M vest
H&M neck warmer
H&M leggings
Marc Jacobs Gold Mirror Bag


  1. i love this bag! I have the same!!!!Marc Jacobs is the god of fashion!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me!!!
    xoxo francesca

  2. Fancy bag wowaa *-* amazing . I love your scarf too :D
    Much Love MaryWhitney