Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My fave in this winter!!

I had a very good time in Beijing and Harbin last month during the end of CNY. It was my second time going to Beijing since high school, it has been changed a lot, and become more fun and fashionable.  The weather compared to Harbin was not cold at all :) and I got the chance to take off the down jacket and put on my favourite piece of outfit this winter - the white faux fur.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so I am not gonna tell you how much fun I found Beijing is on this trip. Hope you like the photos. :)




Funny dishes!! Wanna try??

taking wedding pictures in on ice!!! brrrrrr


  1. Ah you went to Beijin! I love the city :D. Your outfit's adorable,I don't think it's warm enough though!!