Saturday, April 9, 2011

dots block

H&M blazer, Zara tee, acid washed jeans from jc, Zara lace up ankle boots, asos satchel, Topshop shades

Sunny. Seems the warm/hot weather is finally ready!

Today i received an email from American Apparel telling me that my outfit has been chosen as one of the Best of Seen and Submitted of the week.

Too bad that my picture is not shown as others, i wonder is it because i didnt attach my picture file or it is kind of technical problem. Anyway, am happy :) And am sure if you have been reading my blog you have seen this outfit already!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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  1. LOVE that blazer!!!

    Come enter my skull bracelet giveaway!!

  2. i really love your blog and style!!
    definitely following you! :D