Thursday, April 7, 2011

Should I let you go...

Jeffrey Campbell foxy, E Hyphen blouse, Westwood Outfitters jeggings, H&M floppy hat

So these babies arrived two weeks ago, but they are a bit too big for me...should I return them or you think they don't look too loose on my feet and I should keep them?? Can anyone give me some opinions?



  1. Can you walk comfortably in them? They do look a tad loose. If you really want to keep them (if the store no longer has your true size), try buying some insoles and that should fix your problem. They are super cute though :)

  2. 看到你在我博客里的留言, 我来回访啦!呵呵。
    我也买了真双鞋, 不过我买的是米色帆布的那款, 也是同样的问题呢!我也是买大了!不过我的是从美国寄来的, 还交了这边海关的税, 退回去很麻烦的, 所以就打算穿袜子的时候穿咯, 呵呵。