Friday, April 22, 2011

Sakura and Kimono

Zara kimono blazer, Zara blouse, H&M jeans, Zara sandals, asos bag and cuff

Kimono and sakura, sound so perfect together. Bought this kimono blazer at Zara, love the color but it looks a bit too big on me, so i told myself that it is kimono and it doesnt fit perfectly unless you put on an obi belt. :P

When i went to shoot the photos for it, unexpectedly found the tree with flower blossom in the park. Even though i dont know what kind of tree it is, i think it is just as pretty as cherry blossom (sakura)! Another coincendence happened during outfit photo shooting after the blue car and bag.

Happy Easter holiday everyone!


  1. Love the color of that blazer and loving the arm cuff!

  2. 哈哈, 就像Hallie说的, 咱俩实在是太有缘了, 那件H&M毛衣和这件Zara的衣服都是一起穿的, 几乎同时发博的, 呵呵。 话说现在这件衣服有出红色和枚红色的了, 不过我还是最喜欢咱们的这个颜色。