Thursday, April 21, 2011


I was feeling that i can shine under the sun with all those glitter and shiny items on me. 

And, something interesting, it was coincidence that we spotted this cute little blue car and just decided to take pictures in front of it because, it really matched with my bag! Agree?

If the car belongs to anyone among the lovely readers reading this post right now, i would like to say thank you, or sorry.

My friend's new little baby, only 4 months now!


i was wearing: H&M silver blouse, American Apparel ivory black stripe jumper pants, Zara boots, asos cuff and clutch, H&M necklace.


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  1. OMG that cuff is TDF!!! =)

  2. i so love the bag! and the puppy is so gorgeous!! <3

  3. I thought the puppy was a teddy bear at first! Soooooo cute! I want him/her! Great sweater (I'm waiting to blog mine) and love the striped pants!

  4. 是哦!我们是同一天穿这件毛衣呢!呵呵。 我家LG说这件是黄蓉的软胃甲, 哈哈。 穿出去这件毛衣有几次被问到可不可以摸摸这衣服, 哈哈。 包包和那个小车真的是很配呢!好可爱的狗狗!

  5. At first I thought, that your puppy is a toy. It so cute!unreal!

    like your outfit. blue clutch is perfect.

  6. love this outfit! its gorgreous! specially the cuff, bag, and top :)

    pls check out my blog if you have time!