Friday, February 3, 2012

La Roche-Posay & bliss

 The first time i used La Roche-Posay was in May 2009, the first trip to Quebec in Canada and my skin was so allergic and dry and it became red and itchy that i totally didnt know what to do.  Then my boyfriend took me to the local pharmacy where they also sell skin products.  The sales girl introduced me this brand i had never heard.  She told me not to wash my face with tap water, just used the spring water spray from the brand and put only their products on my face.  So after a few days my skin turned better!! Since then it has become my cure whenever i have allergic reaction on my skin.

my skin was already okay for me to take picture right after using the products only once. no make up of course.

The special gift set i bought yesterday, with the money i paid for the intense light cream i also got spring water, foaming cream, cosmetic water and BB cream for free.

the one on left was bought in 2009, the packing already changed.

The other brand i start using since last month is bliss, for now i am only using the triple oxygen instant energizing mask and 'pore'-fector gadget.

bubbles come up on face after putting and disappear in 5 minutes! I can feel the skin is so refreshing after using.

This tool generates sonic vibrations that i use for cleaning pores and also to help massaging products onto the skin's surface.  So far i've been using for about two weeks and i can see my pores are more clean now! Voila!! :) 

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  1. Very nice outfit and La Roche-Posay is a brand I often use too. Thanks for your lovely comment and for stopping by! Really appreciate it!
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