Monday, December 17, 2012

thinking of you

H&M dress and hat / Jeffrey Campbell lita / asos clutch

start to find my bang annoying and its time to cut it myself...and i just tie dyed my hair a few days ago but it seems not obvious to see the effect yet...about this outfit, it is the first time to dress so sexy on the upper part of my body since i never think its good enough to show you >< haha
anyway, i feel it is a right thing to wear this today because it was pretty hot (!!!) and its very unusual to happen during december = ( the weather is so strange..even though i dont think the world will end on 21st, but i believe there will be more disasters in the soon matter what will happen, i want to cherish the ones i love and see them everyday.

miss you xxx


  1. 親愛的,好美好性感啊!流口水...

  2. This outfit is soooo perfect! It looks great on you :) I was looking for that HM hat but it seems it's not in stock in my town :(
    Thank you so much for your comment dear <3