Saturday, December 22, 2012

until the end of the world

H&M sweater (old) / cambridge satchel company leather satchel in green (or fluorescent yellow)/ american apparel high waist denim shorts / american apparel denim shirt / forever 21 ear clips (used on collars) / H&M necklace / american apparel velvet twist scarf worn as turban

So how was everyone's last day on earth?? haha am glad that we all are still here and some of you are reading my blog :) for me, i spent the time with some of my old school friends watching the twilight saga in the movie theater.  so sad it is the end and no more story about bella and edward. haha
anyway, i was touched when i saw "forever" in the end of movie. we all know there is nothing can last forever especially when it comes to LOVE, but there is still exception sometimes. let's have hope, that it  doesnt only happen on vampires. 


  1. lovely outfit !!!!!!! like the cardin and necklace

  2. I love this look! U look stunning =)