Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello from Taipei

I went to Taipei last week and the day I left it was heavy rainy all day. I even heard that all the flights were postponed after my plane took off. That was lucky.

I am always excited about the food in Taiwan. They are cheap and delicious. I am worried that I am not able to lose but gain weight before my trip to Bintan Island and Singapore in about 10 days. I want to look slim in bikini. :p

I didn't carry too many outfits and my suitcase for this trip. So I see it as a task to mix and match as many as different looks everyday during my trip. Let's see the first day. XD

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tshirt
H&M jacket
Black pants
Converse All Star
Tata Baby canvas birkin handbag

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