Monday, May 3, 2010

Dinner @Red House

I am still in Taipei spending a short trip with Olivier. Tonight I want to post some pictures I took last week at a private dinner before we left for Taiwan. For the whole night it was just us at the restaurant. We had a good time with my friends and most of them also love shopping and fashion as me. My best friend among them is Gloria, who is always fashionable and good at mix & match.

That day I first tried to put on the Chanel Tattoo that I've bought for more than a month. This graphic combination was my own design. What do you think? :D

on me:
ZARA strips sailor one piece
ZARA military cardigan
H&M leggings
H&M bracelet
puzzle sandals

on Gloria:
osmosis one piece
osmosis necklace
Vivienne Westwood leggings
sandals @jc

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  1. wow
    love your dress
    all the photos are great
    following you