Saturday, January 29, 2011

baby obsession

 I have collected 6 tatababy birkin fake printed bags in about one year.  Like it cause they are light, waterproof, and with everyone's dream bag printed on it.  I use them to go on a trip, can put everything inside, or to go dance, shopping etc.  If just look at their pictures sometimes you even find that they really look like the real ones!!! haha this is the funny part i like the most, making fun on a luxury expensive brand that (maybe) we can never afford.

But recently I am a bit upset about it as more and more people using this bag on the street while at the beginning i was the only one using it in my city.(i believe i was) and as it becomes more popular, some fake items appear, which is even more sad :(

Zara waistcoat, H&M cardigan, Tatababy, MBT sandals

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